Work Motivation

Lunes 05 de Octubre, 2015

With the way businesses manage and grow today, there are many reasons why employees may feel overwhelmed and think about giving neglecting the development of the activities that influence their daily work, which procastination arrives.

That is the time when the leaders of the organization are wondering what to do in these situations? How do you get employees to be routed back? What is influencing them to have this behavior?

At this point is where it is shown that the partners keep the organization on track is not a very difficult task, since one of the factors that can positively influence and that will help them improve every day is motivation.

It is known in the world of work that employee motivation is an important factor and that makes the performance thereof and its commitment to grow every day. However, one must keep in mind that motivation does not mean money or compensation; and there are many ways that even simple and inexpensive are as powerful as the economic factor.

Although traditionally most employees a financial bonus they think that is how the directors of the organization become more apparent recognition for a job well done and the achievement of goals and objectives; It is not always the case, because with the passage of time there are factors that have entered without positively influence must make large investments and are more valued than the same money.

Today when you think of a compensation plan and how to reward your employees there are many factors that must be considered, because as the money has lost some value in these situations there are others that have increased theirs, as they are the public recognition, messages of congratulations, bonds and one of the most relevant time.

This recognition received by employees when they make their tasks correctly and even more when they demonstrate that they have done exceeding what is expected of them, the factor that makes the management of the organization recognize that positive behavior and should be strengthened to it becomes a common practice, it is what makes the ecosystem of the organization reaches the stage win - win. Because the employee is recognized to reach achieve what has been proposed that would make giving more of himself, which makes the organization reduce costs and improve productivity; no matter what industry you are in.

Now that we know that motivation is important to reinforce those positive behaviors we want to maintain and employees become a habit, we will give some examples of those details that make them feel valued, taken into account and in turn strengthen their commitment to the organization. These common activities are:

- Birthday: Make a calendar of birthdays of employees, when the day comes decorates his post, share a cake and let her know you remember this special date.

- Anniversary: Do not miss this date, is a reminder of how much they have been in the organization and is the ideal place to remember how much you appreciate that still linked and the value of that time.

- Compliance: Make an incentive plan which recognizes a different way to achieve the goals and tasks for a period of compliance with them can give change mean free workday.

- Senior Featured: Make a plan and select the employee of the month, quarter or semester (you define the periodicity), which must be clear about the criteria that you used to elect him, as they must be applicable to all charges there in the organization.

- Posts: Send a message to your collaborators which show the importance of their work for the organization and to help with the development of it.

After taking into account these five elements there are many more that can help you motivate your employees, a "Thank You", "Good job" or "Keep it up" can make a difference, celebrates the achievements and above all listen to what I have to say; as crazy or crazy idea that can be millionaire or you generate added value and make you stand out in the market in which you function idea.

In those moments that you want to recognize and reward your employees is where you can let your imagination run wild, because you need to buy the most expensive of all this, using digital cards, leave a post it note with a message Give them a sweet they enjoy and above all always celebrated the triumphs and defeats; and generates a profit and the other generates teachings.

So go ahead and motivate your employees!!! You will notice how much you can gain from it.




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